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How Much Progress Can You Make
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Track One:
Writing Your Book

This track may include everything from an intensive to jump start your book project (identifying thesis and book structure) to developmental editing (reviewing/redlining your book manuscript and shaping your chapter and book structure).

Track Two:
Publishing Your Book

Some of you will self publish, some will engage a hybrid publisher, and others will want to pitch a traditional publisher. Whatever your goal, we can coach you to whatever destination you aspire to reach. This is concrete help with specific deliverables.

Track Three:
Promoting Your Book

There are three phases of book promotion: the first is when you start writing the book. The second is the six to eight weeks after your book is released (the launch phase). The third phase is the longer slog - the next two to three years.


What Do I Get with Extra Mileage?

Three months. Six personalized coaching sessions. Huge Progress.

Every aspiring writer has a unique need:

  • Is My Idea Book Worthy? In this track, we interview you and facilitate activities that sharpen your book thesis. The tools and coaching promise to give your idea focus and to give you energy to take the next steps in the writing process.
  • Developmental Editing: Writing. This provides authors with specific editorial feedback on their writing. The manuscript feedback includes specific recommendations on language, helping to identify and clarify the author's voice, and ways to improve storytelling and how to stitch in external research in compelling ways.
  • Developmental Editing: Structure. Aspiring authors struggle most with chapter structure and overall book structure. This track reviews (ergo, redlines) your chapter structure (for the chapters you've written so far) and helps you map out the structure for the rest of the book.

Some authors plan to self-publish (the ultimate do-it-your-selvers). Others plan to engage what is called a hybrid publisher (a company that provides you an editor and a complete list of publishing services). Others plan to pitch a traditional publisher.

Authors can select from one of these tracks:

  • Creating the Book Proposal. This is no small task. It's said that editors do not read book chapters, they read book proposals. In this track, we coach you to develop an engaging proposal that gives your book its best chance in front of the pub board.
  • Self-Publishing Direction. In this coaching track, we give you the insider knowledge to self-publish your book. We'll direct you to specific resources while reviewing and evaluating every aspect of the process, including book cover design and sell copy, pricing, and distribution and fulfillment.



There are three phases of book promotion, and this coaching track focuses on two of them:

  • Strategic Platform Plan. This is a plan that we help you write to build your writing platform as you are writing the book. This includes identifying a social media platform, creating an editorial grid for posting on social media, identifying other channels for engagement, and laying down the tracks for when your book is published. This is the first phase of your book promotion. It should begin when you lay down your first sentence of the book.
  • PR Launch Plan. This is for authors who want to do their own PR. Your book is news for less than three months, once its published. The window of time is short. This requires a specific, intense level of effort that is different from the first phase, building your writing platform. This includes identifying podcasts and online publications for interviews and host of other very specific PR activities to launch your book into the world. We help you write the plan and provide specific direction on how to optimize your PR dollars.
  • The Long Slog Plan. Once your book is old news, then the real marketing efforts begin. This is where the author starts small fires through speaking engagements, article writing, webinars, and workshops. In this phase, without a commitment to the long road ahead, any momentum in the first two phases will be slowed.

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Rose Hollister, executive coach,
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