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Book Writing Course

Are you already writing a book and simply need some practical help to complete it? This is a self-directed video course to help you sharpen your thesis and give you specific guidance on how to structure your book and organize individual chapters. Only $66, this course is for those who have started the book writing process.

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Are you exploring the idea of writing more, whether a book or simply to capture your life stories? Have you ever wondered, "What is it really going to take to pull off writing a book? Join our learning community of writers for only $66 a month. Click on the image for more information about our live, weekly Q&A sessions for writers of all levels.

Extra Mileage Book Coaching

Extra Mileage is our 90-day book writing intensives for writers who are serious about completing their book. Writers can choose from one of three tracks: book writing, book publishing, or book promotion. Each includes six individualized coaching sessions with one of our coaches and the Roadtripper membership. Click on the image for more information.

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"I had many balls up in the air and I don’t know that I would have been able to focus and get the book done. Your guidance on the process and how writing a book is different than other forms of writing that I had done were invaluable."

Dr. Alan Amling
CEO, Thrive and Advance

"Melissa and Dave at Journey Sixty6 are the complete book sherpas. Their expertise provided the partnership I needed to get my book from proposal to published"

Rose Hollister
Executive Coach, "Harvard Business Review" Author

"I have been writing in a variety of formats for many years but a book was something altogether different. The whole process of publishing was a puzzle with many pieces. The editors at Journey Sixty6 not only gave me the structure and expertise I needed, but saw the whole process through from start to finish."

Fred Smith
Founder, The Gathering

"When I knew I had a book to write, I wanted to make sure it was in my voice. I also knew that writing a book, even my second book, would draw on skills beyond my expertise. Then I needed to find someone who would take time to listen to my story, to recognize its value, and be willing to tell me when I went off course."

Dr. Jamie Weiner
Co-founder, Inheriting Wisdom, and Psychologist