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Roadtrippers - Coaching for Writers

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What Is It?

Roadtrippers is live weekly coaching for all levels of writers. Whether you're just starting out on your first writing project or a veteran writer, Roadtrippers is a safe learning community for those who want to make progress in their writing life.

Weekly Instruction

Melissa and Dave are writing and publishing experts. Each week, they teach on a writing or publishing topic, such as how to create a book thesis or how to develop your writing voice. In addition, fellow Roadtrippers share their writing and their progress. Writers learn from the writing of others.

Supportive Peeps!

Roadtrippers is the most supportive community of writers in the world! We celebrate your progress and hold you accountable (if you want). Our feedback is 100% supportive yet helpful, loving yet practical! We cheer at your milestones and encourage you when you need hope.

"The supportive community of writers in Roadtrippers has been a safe place for me to step into my dream of writing. I’m a better writer today – and am on the path
to finishing my book."


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"I needed to find someone who would take time to listen to my story, to recognize its value, and be willing to tell me when I went off course."

Dr. Jamie Weiner
Co-founder, Inheriting Wisdom, and Psychologist

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