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Roadtrippers Weekly

Roadtrippers weekly is our low cost, live coaching and support for writers, led by Melissa and Dave. We're a warm, supportive community of writers fiercely committed to completing our writing projects. You'll love the teaching and the support! Only $66 a month.

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Cohort Coaching Intensives

Cohort intensives are 90-day bursts of editorial coaching to help you complete a specific goal. You'll join up to five other writers committed to completing their book. The coaching is specific to your writing goals. Only $766 for the 90-day intensive.

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One-On-One Book Coaching

This gives writers personalized, editorial attention, whether for creating a book proposal, thesis and story arc development, and/or structure and plot development. For fiction and nonfiction. Includes six, one-on-one sessions with specific editorial feedback.

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[Tipster] Unique Is Every Writer's Fight

Jan 30, 2023

[Tipster] How to Create Musicality in Your Writing

Jan 24, 2023

Journey Sixty6 Writing for Publication YouTube Channel

Show, Don't Tell: An Introduction for Writers

If you’ve spent time searching for tips on writing, you’ve probably come across the phrase “show not tell.” It’s a tip authors, editors, and agents commonly throw out. But what does it mean? “Show not tell” is a scene-building technique. It’s how you, as the writer, describe the experiences of your characters (or yourself) by engaging the senses.

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How to Start Your Family Story: Memoirs vs. Family Stories

Do you want to write your family story? But don’t know where to start? A family story is one of the best ways to preserve your history for future generations. Like all forms of writing, though, writing a family story can be daunting. You may not know where to start, which stories to include, or how to remain objective without offending your family.

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What Do Publishers Look for in a Memoir?

Literary agent Don Gates says that he, like most agents, looks for books that publishers would be interested in. These books have this in common: the 3 C's. You might have one or two of the three C's covered. But do you have all three? And what can you do if you're lacking in a particular area so you're more appealing to an agent?

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