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Dr. Alan Amling, CEO, Thrive and Advance

"I had many balls up in the air, and I don't think I would have been able to focus and get the book done. Your guidance on the process and how writing a book is different from other forms of writing that I had done were invaluable."


Journey Sixty6 Founders


Dave Goetz is a former magazine and book editor and the author of Death by Suburb: How to Keep the Suburbs from Killing Your Soul (HarperOne). He is also a passionate fly fisher, podcaster (2 Guys and a River), and author of The Fly Fisher's Book of Lists: Life is short. Catch more fish. Dave has coached hundreds of writers and served as editor for books in the area of philanthropy, leadership, spirituality and religion, and business.


Melissa Parks is co-founder of Journey Sixty6 and managing director of social media and content at CZ Strategy, a strategic marketing agency. She is an Instagram expert, having built a large IG following (Megillicutti). She is a speaker and a writer, contributing to online shelter publications. She holds an M.A. in English Literature from Loyola University Chicago.

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