[Podcast] The Journey from PhD Dissertation to Book

2 identifying your writing purpose podcast post Dec 08, 2020

by Melissa Parks and Dave Goetz

It's no snap turning a PhD dissertation into a book.

For starters, a dissertation is positioned for a micro-audience (your dissertation committee members). The bulk of the project is focused on the research methodology, And the cadence of a dissertation is constantly interrupted by references to dead authors.

Reading a dissertation is more effective than a CPAP machine for your sleep apnea.

The writing of a book, on the other hand, must appeal to a completely different mindset than that of a dissertation committee. And it's critical that the book is filled with stories and appeal to human emotion.

In this episode, Dr. Alan Amling, a former executive with UPS and teaching fellow at the University of Tennessee, discusses the road to translate his dissertation thesis into a book for a wider audience. Dr. Amling's book is nearing its publishing date, and his advice for book writers is priceless.



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