[Podcast] Book Publicity Expert Andrea Martin on Arresting the Attention of the Media for Your Book

5 promoting your writing media podcast post Jun 16, 2021

By Dave Goetz and Melissa Parks

Arresting the attention of the media for your book has to happen within three months of its launch.

After that, your book becomes old news. Your publisher moves on. So does the media. That is when the long slog to promote your book begins.

In this episode, we interview Tyndale Publishers author relations director Andrea Martin on how to host launch events and how to stay focused when then book doesn't take off as planned. 

Here are 5 helpful ideas:

1. Take advantage of our culture's newly-formed acceptance of live online events. The Covid 19 pandemic created a familiarity (maybe too much familiarity!) with Zoom and other digital forums. Andrea recalls how authors releasing books last March and April were forced to shift to online release events. Something rarely done before the pandemic.

While there's something special about an in-person book signing at a bookstore, it is limited by location. Online events (Facebook Live, Zoom Launch Party, IG Live) actually have a wider scope. Anyone from anywhere can join.

Andrea says even as the world starts opening up post-pandemic, she'll continue to urge authors to do online events (in addition to in person launches) to broaden their book's reach.

2. Research what type of live events engage you. If you've never done a live event before, you'll need to attend a few to see what works. What keeps you engaged. Is it content? Is it a giveaway? Is it a special guest?  Is it an activity? There are a variety of ways to structure a live event. Do your research to figure out what has worked for other authors.

3. Keep your launch events short--and fun! Your launch is a celebration. Celebrations are joyful. And they should be fun. Whatever the meat of your content is, make sure that fun is laced throughout. Confetti. Music. Anything that super-charges the environment. And then, keep the event short. You want people wanting more rather than wondering, "When will this event be over?"

4. Don't be discouraged if your book doesn't come out blazing. Not everyone gets the press hype hey hoped for within the first six weeks. Sometimes the timing simply isn't right. That doesn't mean your book is dead. Promotion should continue even after the six weeks of your book's launch.

Andrea says look for opportunities to tie you book idea to current events. That's a hook to engage podcasters, writers and magazines and digital publications, and even tv shows.

Andrea recalls an author writing a book on ambiguous loss. It didn't take off immediately. But a year later, they tapped into the ambiguous loss the pandemic created, and pitched the book as an interview angle.

Always look for hooks. They're there. Sometimes you just have to be creative.

5. Extend your reach. There are multiple ways to do this, but the idea is to partner with people who have unique audiences--different than, but similar to, yours.  You might consider partnering with other authors to do a package giveaway, say a book from each author. Doing a podcast or guest blogging has a similar multiplying effect.



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