[Podcast] How to Conduct Book Research

3 honing the writing craft podcast post Oct 27, 2020

by Dave Goetz and Melissa Parks

There's no joy like the joy of reading a well-researched, well-reported article or book. Research gives a book credibility - and helps authors with the ultimate goal of impacting the world with their ideas. In this episode, we identify the basics of how to conduct book research.

The most basic kind of research should begin when you first start laying down sentences: Who has written on this topic before? What are the top five to seven books on the topic from the past five years? It's tempting to think that you are the first person to have written on the topic, but most likely, other smart people have also plied their writing craft to the idea that you want to address.

Research infuses your book with authenticity and gives it the ring of truth. Every writer, no matter the genre, can and should conduct book research.



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