[Podcast] How a Business Coach Developed Her Book Idea

2 identifying your writing purpose podcast post Dec 21, 2020

by Melissa Parks and Dave Goetz

Not all ideas are not book worthy. Some are just not substantive enough for 50,000 words. They are better packaged as a blog post, an article, or even a white paper. But not a book.

How do you know if your idea is meaty enough for an entire book?

In this episode, we interview Cathy Carroll, founder of Legacy Onward, a leadership coaching practice for family businesses. After years in corporate, Cathy was asked to run her father's  business, and learned first-hand the stark differences between corporate leadership and family business leadership. Cathy's experience became the basis for a book idea that promises to reshape the conversation about leadership in a family business.

Cathy's journey from her leadership experience to a book idea to the actual writing of the book will encourage those just starting out. Listener's will gain insight on how she conducted research, structured her chapters, and restarted after completing the first draft.



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