[Podcast] Leadership Coach Jon Lokhorst on Planning for His Book Promotion

5 promoting your writing podcast post Mar 16, 2021

By Melissa Parks and Dave Goetz

Writing a book is a long, hard climb. But publishing and promoting your book may be an even steeper climb--one you feel like giving up on before you reach the top.

But if you have a plan, you're more likely to stay the course.

While it may be tempting to wait until the book comes out to think about how to promote it, it’s much more productive to create a plan with some goals and concrete activities to execute it.

Before the book is launched.

Leadership coach, trainer and keynote speaker, Jon Lokhorst is getting ready to  launch his new book, “Mission-Critical Leadership: How Smart Managers Lead Well in All Directions," into the world. But long before he sent his final manuscript to be published, he was plotting how to promote his book.

He realized early on that no-one will take as much interest in your book as you will. Promoting your book, whether self-published or traditionally published, will take your herculean effort.

Promoting your book can take on many forms. Jon talks about the one-to-one approach versus the one-to-many approach.

One-to-one publicity is asking people in your network to write reviews, promote it via their platforms, and refer the book. 

One-to-many publicity is a larger play. It's about seeking opportunities in front of large groups people, via partner webinars, speaking opportunities, or even podcasts.

You can't do one and not the other. In tandem they can lead to unexpected and rippling opportunities.

Be sure to listen to our interview with Jon for more insights on what it looks like to partner with a professional promotion partner as well as a  professional developmental editor.

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