[Podcast] Author Jaimie Engel on Persistence, the Why of Writing and Promotion

5 promoting your writing podcast post Mar 23, 2021

By Melissa Parks and Dave Goetz

Why do you write a book? You may not know the answer to the "why of writing" until you are well into the promotion of the book.

That was the case for youth fiction author Jaimie Engel. 

Three weeks before her first book, Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light was slated to be published, her publisher bailed. She was stranded. She had no choice but to figure out self-publishing and promotion.

She rolled up her sleeves and promoted the book through partnerships. But discouragement soon set in.

She  admits, “I was heart-broken that I was no longer a 'published' author, but rather a 'self-published' author. I lost the passion for my book and my sales slowed."

Does My Writing Really Matter?

She stepped away from the book and spent the next year helping other people get their books ready for print through her PR Firm, A Writer for Life.  It was then she had the thought: Why was she helping others promote their books while ignoring her own?

She soon began pitching her book as an anti-bullying tool at local schools. She recalls one day doubting her writing: "What am I doing?" "Does it really matter?"

The answer came from a student who shared that her words helped him when he felt helpless and hopeless. That fueled her passion for future books and a commitment to the writing life. It was her "why."

In this episode, Jaimie shares tools of the trade for self-publishing, the business of being an author, and her best advice for promotion: Start local.

Jaimes also shares nuggets of advice on fiction writing, which even non-fiction writers can benefit from as they structure their books.

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