[Podcast] A Guide to Hiring a Ghostwriter

podcast post Aug 24, 2020

by Dave Goetz and Melissa Parks

"I just can't seem to get this book done."

Many are the reasons why professionals who aspire to write a book cannot find the time to complete the project. In addition to time, another reason is that some people think better when they talk than when they write. That is, when someone asks them a question, then the ideas start to flow.

Is It Right for You?

Some may feel uneasy with the idea of a "ghost" who writes the actual words for a book.

Ghostwriting has a long history, however, and it's a perfectly legitimate way to complete your book. Yet there are some guidelines as you consider hiring a ghostwriter.

In this episode of our Journey Sixty6 podcast, A Guide to Hiring a Ghostwriter, we offer up some practical ways to identify the perfect ghost for your project.



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