[Podcast] Should You Go on a Writers Retreat?

1 developing the writer's mindset podcast post Oct 05, 2020

by Dave Goetz and Melissa Parks

Writers retreats can range from a sparse room at a nunnery to a pampered experience at an estate in Montana. One costs $25 for the room, the other $10,000.

Are retreats worth the effort and expense?

In this episode, we identify five questions that writers should ask before signing up for a retreat. We have different opinions on the value of a retreat, but we both agree that often writing getaways are not the place to make significant progress on your book, if by "progress" you mean "knocking out a chapter or two."

Progress can be measured in many different ways, of course. Progress may be defined as receiving validation for your idea or that you can actually write. Progress may even mean connecting with other writers or even finding a connection to an agent.



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