[Podcast] Starting to Write Again after a Long Pause

1 developing the writer's mindset podcast post Dec 15, 2020

by Melissa Parks and Dave Goetz

Starting a book project is one thing. Restarting to write after you have taken time off is even harder. Starting to write again after a long pause demands a unique kind of energy.

In this episode, we address the what most writers confront at some point: How to discover a renewed sense of energy and focus for a book project gone cold.

Just recently, we had a conversation with an author who restarted after a one-year hiatus. She is a professional and because of a series of events, needed to set aside her writing. But she picked it up again with a new found energy.

One simple way is to budget time in your calendar, even if only for 90 minutes a week. Maybe it's as simple as creating a new set of folders on your computer. Sometimes even the simplest acts can restart the process.

Start today!



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