[Podcast] Moving from Idea to Writing Your Book

2 identifying your writing purpose 3 honing the writing craft podcast post Nov 02, 2020

by Dave Goetz and Melissa Parks

There's the idea for a book. 

And then there's the actual writing of the book.

Often, aspiring writers banter about an idea or set of ideas in their head for years before making the decision to start writing the book.

In this episode, we interview Alysa Clark, a storytelling photographer who recently made the decision to start writing her book. Founder of "Water Street Dreams" and a regular blogger, Alysa has wanted to write a book for years but now is doing the hard work of writing 20 minutes a day.

And she is making great progress.

Alysa describes the process of moving from idea to writing - and offers hope for those who haven't yet written a word. She discusses how she made the shift in mindset from "I want to do this" to "I will do this."

You'll also love her book idea as she tells some funny and warm stories about becoming a welcoming person.



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