[Podcast] The Perils of Polite Writing

3 honing the writing craft podcast post Jan 12, 2021

by Melissa Parks and Dave Goetz

First, we worry that we'll never get published. Then we stress over the possibility that only our mother will buy our books. Finally, we dread the thought that what we write may be shredded by critics or those we esteem. The perils of polite writing are that we never move people emotionally or change the way they think.

In this episode, we grapple with the topic of polite writing, the kind that never takes any risks. It's tempting to write what you think your readers want to read. No doubt, there's a time for that. But there are also times to step out and say what you really think about a topic.

As you develop your voice, you may want to explore its edges in order to write creatively and impact your audience. Playing it safe isn't always best.



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