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Roadtrippers is an online writing community led by professional writing coaches who are dedicated to helping you make progress on your project.

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Roadtrippers "Writing for Publication" Membership

Weekly Live Coaching with Melissa and Dave

Once a week, writing and publishing experts Melissa and Dave and other writing coaches host live Zoom calls to answer your questions about all things writing and publishing a book. Make new friends and find support from fellow writers.

Manuscript Review and Feedback

For Roadtrippers who want feedback, they can provide their mansucripts to be reviewed by the community. The feedback is supportive, warm, and encouraging. Feedback includes the strengths of the writing as well as areas for improvement. 

Video Library of Publishing Experts

You gain access to our expansive library of short, practical videos on the key aspects of writing, publishing, and promoting your work. You'll learn the most recommended and effective tips from the pros – literary agents, publishers, PR experts, and seasoned writers.

Get Notified When Enrollment Opens

Roadtrippers Writing for Publication costs $33 per month.
You can cancel at any time.

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"You can't put a price tag on the encouragement that comes from being a part of a community that believes you can do it."

Alysa, Business Owner

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For $33 a month, you participate in weekly live coaching calls, receive peer-reviewed feedback for your manuscript, and access to our extensive video library of writing and publishing experts! 
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