[Tipster] This Is Your Year to Write

tipster post Jan 03, 2022

 Making writing a part of your life is not like running an errand. 

It's not as easy (and as emotionally satisfying) as scratching off an item on your to-do list.

Writing is all about progress. Small steps.

Small wins over time that add up to a thousand miles of writing progress.

 "Win the Day" 

Years ago, I attended a live event for realtors. I wasn't a realtor, but the event was a marketing workshop, and I had just started a business. I thought I could learn a few things.

I'll never forget one of the aphorisms that the speaker trumpeted:

    "Win the day."

He made the point that some days, it may be only one small act that enables you to declare at the end of the day, "I won the day."

Sometimes it's just showing up.

That's really true with writing. Writing one paragraph is all you can do.

So do it.

And then you've won the day.

 "Win the Day" in 2022 

If you want to become a writer, you write. Writers write.

It's all about the small acts of courage that add up over time.

  * Maybe you can take a writing class or workshop in the first quarter of 2022.

That's progress. That's "winning the day."

   * Maybe you can set a goal: "I'm going to journal once a week in 2022."

   * Or, "I'm going to write one article for my professional association."

   * Or, I'm going to sit for 45 minutes once a week and write whatever comes to mind.

   * Maybe's it's joining a like-minded community of people who want to make writing a part of their lives.

Figure out how to "win the day" in 2022 as it relates to your writing.



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