[Tipster] ChatGPT, the New AI Chatbot, Thinks It Can Write

tipster post Dec 20, 2022

I rarely wring my hands about future catastrophic events.

I've got too many of my own troubles to think beyond dinner.

With four kids, two dogs, and college tuition for one more child still to pay, I'm focused on current reality.

But maybe I should worry more.

At least about A.I. (artificial intelligence).

I always thought that when A.I. came for us, it would look and shoot like the Terminator.

But instead, A.I. may take the form of a creative soul.

Shakespeare A.I. Style

The past few weeks, the media has frothed about ChatGPT, a new AI chatbot that can answer questions and write essays.

A friend put ChatGPT to the test. This friend has a PhD and teaches at a major university about supply chain logistics.

He submitted this command to the chatbot:

"Write an article about Reverse Logistics in the Style of Shakespeare."

And here is a portion of what the A.I. Chatbot spit out:

Reverse logistics, oh reverse logistics!
Thou art a necessary yet oft-overlooked piece
In the puzzle of commerce and consumerism.
Thou art the process of returning goods
From consumer to creator, back through the cycle
Of production, consumption, and waste not.


A simple command and poof - Shakespearean prose.


Only You Can Write Your Story

So I guess the robots (or chatbots) are not coming to destroy our physical lives but to steal our creative souls.

It's clear that A.I. can create average (or maybe even above average) prose.

But A.I. can only spit out what's in its database, no matter how large it is. Yes, there may be millions of ways that A.I. could produce words for some command, but A.I. is still limited by its data set.

If A.I. can write a Shakespearean sonnet about logistics, I'm sure A.I. can also write pretty good stories,

It just can't write your story.  Or the novel you're working on. The data set for your story exists only in your head.

A.I. has no access to your wonderful and creative mind.

You are not artificial. Not in the least. You are an imaginative soul who has committed your life to the craft of writing.

A.I. will soon be able to write "good enough" copy for some parts of our daily lives.

But only you can write your story, so buckle up and write.



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