[Podcast] The Role of a Developmental Editing in Book Writing 3 honing the writing craft podcast post Aug 17, 2020

by Dave Goetz and Melissa Parks

There are at least three kinds of editing that you will need for your book:

1) developmental editing;

2) line editing; and,

3) proofing (some might call this "copy...

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Is Your Book Thesis Too General? 3 honing the writing craft Jul 23, 2020

by Dave Goetz

One of the most counter-intuitive aspects of writing is the idea of specificity.

In book writing, general is bad, and narrow is good. It's critically important that you begin your...

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Will Your Reader Stay with You to the End? 3 honing the writing craft Jul 19, 2020

by Dave Goetz

You hear about a great book from a friend. You order it from Amazon, and after the first chapter, you never again pick up the book.

The job of the writer is, in part, to maintain the...

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Finding My Writing Voice 3 honing the writing craft blog post Mar 23, 2020

by Melissa Parks

I thought I wasn’t a writer.

Sure, I earned a bachelors and masters in English and learned how to impress professors with lengthy sentences stuffed with semi-colons and fancy,...

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